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A B Tile & Stone offers modern wood pizza ovens in Edmonton. We are an authorized North American distributor of genuine ROSSOFUOCO® wood-burning Italian ovens. We stock in our Edmonton warehouse portable outdoor ovens, built-in ovens, and permanently constructed outdoor brick ovens. Built-in ovens are designed to be used indoors and are placed in a kitchen like a conventional wall oven. To learn more about our wood-burning ovens, check out our blog.


Turn your garden into an entertainment place with the high-quality wood-burning ovens. It can be your centrepiece and gathering place for friends and family to enjoy their time together. Wood-burning ovens are very different as it can cook food in a genuine way, bestowing it with a truly authentic flavour. You can not only cook delicious pizza and bread in a fraction of the time, but also use them to cook any food you would normally prepare in the conventional oven. We’ve cooked pizza, pork loin wrapped in prosciutto, chicken wings, roasted potatoes and even deserts in our ovens.

Our installers can also help you design and build a wood-burning pizza oven, or you may choose to build a permanent outdoor oven yourself. Either way, we’ll help you with everything you need to get cooking! At our store, you’ll also find professional-grade Red Inside ovens. Visit our store for more details.


Nonna Luisa

Portable pizza oven made in Italy; wood-burning only, done the traditional way! Cook pizza, meats, bread and vegetables inside the same chamber as your fire. Refractory stone floor and stainless steel trolley on wheels! Great for entertaining!

Garden Plus 80 Pizza Oven

Cook pizza, bread, vegetables and meats in our outdoor pizza ovens. These ovens are made in Italy and are manufactured in the traditional way. It is ideal for wood burning only. Refractory stone shelf, metal racks and stainless steel trolley on wheels! Great for entertaining!

Get Your Modern Pizza Oven Today!

To enjoy delicious homemade pizzas, choose our wood pizza ovens in Edmonton. For more information on our products, feel free to call us today.


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