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Quartz Countertops

Quartz kitchen countertops are sturdy, available in eye-catching designs and come in a variety of colours. They are different from natural stone slabs as they are not mined but engineered in a factory. The major ingredient is quartz chips which are combined with polyester resins for binding and pigments for colour. Small amounts of recycled glass or metallic flecks can be added for different designs. The resins added contribute stain and scratch-resistant properties to quartz. The great range of colours and interesting looks make quartz countertops an extremely popular choice these days. At Bossio Stone Imports, you can choose from multiple brands offering quartz countertops in Edmonton. We also offer tiles and granite countertop installation.

Avoid Certain Actions for a Long-Lasting Quartz Countertop Many people tend to take steps which hamper the look of their quartz countertop. Here are the common five steps to avoid: 1. Using Common Household Cleaners – Always use cleaners or solutions which are safe for quartz. Certain cleaning agents are extremely harsh and may damage or loosen the bonds between the resins, polymers and stone pieces in quartz. Use mild cleaners or cleaners that are specially formulated for quartz countertops. 2. Scrubbing with Harsh Scouring Pads – Scouring pads or steel wool pads with soap should be avoided. Though quartz is solid and durable, the top finish layer may become dull or scratched when scrubbed. You can use a soft cotton cloth or a soft nylon brush for removing stains or particles stuck on the surface. 3. Using Sharp Metals for Cleaning – You can rest kitchen knives or shaving razors safely on the countertops but not use them for cleaning the counter. If you have accidentally spilled paint on the quartz surface, you can use a plastic knife or scraper for removing. 4. Sealing Quartz Surfaces – Granite slabs need to be sealed regularly for preventing stains. Quartz slabs are polished in factories, which last for decades if you use a non-abrasive quartz cleaner. So never use a sealer for your quartz countertops. The resins in quartz can react adversely with the solvent-based sealers. 5. Use Pads for Hot Pots and Cutting Boards – Even though quartz is very durable, it can still be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes. To learn more about quartz countertop, read our blog – ‘Which Is Better for Kitchen Countertops in Edmonton, Granite or Quartz?’ Contact us today for our wide range of cost-effective tiles and quartz countertops options in Edmonton.


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