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Your kitchen countertops play an important role in defining your kitchen. Whether you’re building a brand new one, or simply renovating an existing one, choosing the perfect countertop can help put the finishing touch on the room. Two of the most popular choices for countertops are quartz and granite and while the two products may at first glance seem quite similar, there are still some important differences between them.

The kitchen countertop specialists at Bossio Stone Import in Edmonton can help you make the right decision for your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for quartz countertops or granite countertops, there are the pros and cons of each material.

  • Because quartz is crafted, it’s much easier to control the look of the slab. There are no surprises and no defects to cut around. Granite is 100% natural, and has a more unique look. However, you might get a piece of slab that’s slightly different than what you saw in a showroom.

  • Again, the crafted nature of quartz will allow you to hide the seams better, though you may never get them to be 100% invisible. As far as granite is concerned, the natural striations in the slab basically make it impossible to hide the seams.

  • In both cases, you’ll require a professional installation. Furthermore, granite needs to be sealed when it’s installed, and will need to be sealed again every year or so. Neglecting the seal could lead to stains and damage to the slab down the line. Quartz, on the other hand, never requires a seal.

  • Both materials are very durable, though not indestructible. Both are stain-resistant, though in the case of granite this will depend a lot on the quality of your seal. Cleaning quartz is also a little easier, as quartz does not require bacteria-preventing soap. With decent care, both products will remain scratch-free for a long time also.

  • If you’re looking to go thrifty, neither quartz nor granite is a great choice. Both are some of the more expensive materials available, but both are fairly evenly priced. As with almost everything else, quality comes with the price; with a bit of care both materials will last you a long time.

A personal choice Whether you decide to go with quartz or granite countertops, you’ll be buying something that will give your kitchen a very distinct look. With both materials being sturdy and easy of care, either choice will be a good one. For more tips and suggestions, visit us at Bossio Stone Import or give us a call. We’re tops in countertops!


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