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granite countertops

Granite is a favourite alternative for many new homeowners for its aesthetic value. The perks of using granite countertops for your kitchen are that they are durable, have a natural appeal and require minimum maintenance. The kitchen countertop experts at Bossio Stone Imports have some tips to assist you with caring for your granite countertops in Edmonton.

Tips to Care for Granite Countertops 1. Daily Cleaning: If you are maintaining the granite surface daily, use a pH neutral soap to clean your countertops. You can also use simple dish soap to cleanse them. Just make sure the soap is free from ammonia, vinegar or other harsh chemicals. If the granite is properly sealed you don't need significant materials for managing them. 2. Wipe Regularly: Clear the dirt and grime from the countertop to maintain its elegant presence. It is best if you use a clean cloth to wipe the counter after rinsing the surface. 3. Spilled Water or Juices: Dab down the spilled liquid with a dry cloth as soon as you can. If granite is sealed it will repel most of the stains, but it is better to clean them promptly. If juice or coffee stains are intact, add hydrogen peroxide with baking soda to make a paste and keep it overnight. 4. Oil Spills: For oil stains, make a paste of baking soda and water and keep it for several hours. Clean it later with a dry fabric. 5. Powdery Granite: Use wipes on the affected areas and dab it with a clean rag. 6. Custom Finish: To protect your polished finished granite use special granite polishing cream or dry and wet polishing powders to restore the gleam of the countertop. How Often Do You Need to Seal Granite Countertops? Not all countertops need to be sealed. Though porous, every granite created is different. To understand whether you need to seal the countertop, perform a simple water test. Pour some water on the granite countertop. Take a timer and measure the time it takes the countertop to absorb the liquid.

• If the water is absorbed immediately you have to apply the penetrating sealant every year and wipe the spills quickly. • If water is absorbed within 5 minutes you need to add a sealant every 3-5 years. • If it's absorbed within 10 minutes, you may apply the sealant once and redo it after several years • If the water absorbs within 30 minutes or not at all, your granite is properly sealed and you don't need any more reinforcement. How Can You Seal a Granite Countertop? • Use a good sealant that is resistant to water, oil, and fat-based stains. Use proper ventilation before applying the sealer. Make sure the surface is cleaned with dish soap or a commercial degreaser. • Verify once if the countertop is dry before applying the sealant. If you are confused about the application, read the manufacturer's instructions before sealing the countertop. • Spread the sealant to your countertop through a rag or foam brush. Allow the sealant to penetrate. If the granite soaks the sealant in a few minutes add more. Dab remaining sealer off the countertop. Too much sealer on the countertop will cause an unattractive haze. Leave the counter unattended for at least 48 hours. • It depends on the manufacturer's suggestions about when to reseal the sealant. It may differ depending on the type of sealant you use. It's better if you use a sealant which is meant only for granite for best results. A good sealer will last for at least 10 years if you maintain and clean the granite regularly. Things to avoid for cleaning granite countertops: • Avoid standing on countertops. Use a ladder to change any light bulbs or retrieving things. • Don't use knives directly on the countertop. • Avoid keeping hot pots and kitchen utensils directly on the granite. Make use of a mat or trivet for hot surfaces. • Avoid using acidic products directly on the counter. • Avoid placing flowerpots or glasses which can cause water stains on the granite surface. Maintain the beauty of granite countertops for many years and follow these tips to care for your granite. Get in touch with the experts at Bossio Stone Imports for granite countertop installation. Visit our showroom in Edmonton to choose from our great selection of products or call us today to learn more.


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