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We have, again, expanded our selection of inventoried Italian tile. This month we are thrilled with the addition of a couple of new lines – VINTAGE and NEW YORKER. These are both current styles that were stand outs at the spring tile show.

Vintage is a wood-like plank porcelain tile that comes in 6.5″ x 39″ (stocked in our warehouse), 9.5″ x 39″ and 6″ x 24″. We’ve brought in good inventory of Brun (dark brown), Gris (med./dark grey) and Melange (med. brown). Special order colours include Noir (black/chocolate), Beige, Greige (med./light grey) and Brun anti-slip, which has a rough texture. At $9.50 sq. ft., Vintage is sure to please the homeowner who needs a really durable, non-absorbent floor surface, but who also wants the appearance of natural wood. Vintage may also be installed outdoors. New Yorker is a 3″ x 12″ textured wall tile that started selling the first day we had a sample in the showroom. It has a soft wavy look, and we’ve brought in four colours: White Bright (gloss), White (matte), Smoke (gloss) and Charcoal (gloss). Most of the time it’s used for backsplash, but there are a number of other creative applications for it as well. Drop by the showroom and we’d be happy to show you our new additions, or to answer your tile and countertop questions!


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