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Are you looking for flooring options for your home? Tiles are a great flooring choice as they are long-lasting and require less maintenance. Tiles are available in several patterns, designs and colours. Yet, all types of tiles are not suitable for a particular space as they have to match the vibe of the room. At Bossio Stone Imports, we supply durable and attractive Italian tiles. Our tiles are resistant to wear, water absorption, staining and scratching. We also offer quartz, granite and limestone fireplace surrounds.

Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice: 1. Get your basics right The first step is selecting the type of tile you want to install on your floors. Porcelain floor tiles have extremely low porosity. They are long-lasting and can hold out against heavy traffic. For outdoors, choose textured finished tiles to avoid slipping. 2. Choose the right colours Sizeable tiles make rooms feel bigger and airy. Figure out what you want the general atmosphere of the room you are tiling to be. For a small room, light coloured tiles are the best choice as they make the room appear larger. If your rooms are fairly large, you can choose either dark or light tiles. For example, in the bathroom you can choose relaxing light colours. For your kitchen select vibrant colours that contrast well. 3. Tile Grout Choosing a grout colour that matches the tiles is essential. If you choose a contrasting grout colour, it accentuates the design of the floor. However, a grout that complements the tile produces an elusive effect. Sealcoat the grouted areas to avoid staining and inconsistencies in the flooring. 4. Brightness Get light coloured gloss tiles for dark spaces as they tend to reflect more light. 5. Texture Glazed tiles are easier to clean as compared to non glazed ones. In the case of natural terracotta that has no glaze, you might have to seal coat it to prevent staining. 6. Experiment To add a personal touch to your floors, you can mix and match two to three colours or patterns of tiles. Try out borders and unique combinations of complementary tiles. You can also ask your tile manufacturer for tile concepts. 7. Water absorbent tiles Tiles are easy to maintain and clean. Also, tiles which absorb less water tend to have a longer lifespan. Choose floor tiles that complement the interiors of your house. Contact Bossio Stone Imports for different styles of porcelain tiles today!


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