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If you’re considering a kitchen or bathroom renovation, then it can be beneficial to look at some of the current home renovation trends. Staying up-to-date with the best trends will increase the value of your home and give you a fantastic place to entertain your friends and family. At Bossio Stone Imports we are always helping customers find the perfect tiles and countertops in Edmonton for their home.


Patterned tile

Bold, patterned tile is popping up all over the place, and for good reason! Whether it is used in the kitchen or in the bathroom, patterned tile can add visual intrigue and effortless style. Bossio Stone Imports provides a variety of different types of tiles in Edmonton that you can use in your next renovation, including porcelain, granite, travertine, natural slate, glass, and marble.

Classic black and white

While some 2017 trends are new and unique, others are looks which have never truly gone out of style, such as the classic black and white kitchen. The contrast of white cabinets with black kitchen countertops in Edmonton is always going to impress. The look is often completed with dark hardwood floors for that warm, rustic feel.

Contrasting light and shadow

A reverse of the classic black and white kitchen, a kitchen which plays with contrasting light and shadow will pair dark cabinets with light countertops and backsplashes. Since cabinets are usually well-lit while countertops and backsplashes tend to be more shaded, this combination creates a dramatic look and a nice balance of light and shadow.

Off-white quartz

While traditional white quartz kitchen countertops in Edmonton continue to be popular, many homeowners are also choosing to go with neutral off-white colours such as light grey and light beige. With Bossio Stone Imports custom countertops in Edmonton, you’ll be able to choose from over 150 different colours of quartz to find the perfect one for your kitchen.

Neutral palette

Many homeowners are also choosing to keep their kitchen cabinets and countertops more neutral in order to create a solid palette on which they can then decorate with brighter colours and patterns. Solid colour granite countertops in Edmonton are ideal for putting together a neutral, flexible palette that you can personalize to your heart’s content.

Organic and natural

Finally, 2017 is seeing a big shift towards organic and natural looks, especially in the bathroom. Natural stone countertops in Edmonton, such as marble, granite, and quartz, are often paired with wooden cabinets. The warmth of the wood and the rugged yet elegant beauty of the stone are a match made in design heaven.

Countertops and Tiles in Edmonton for Your Home Renovation

AB Tile & Stone and Bossio Stone Imports has been providing homeowners, designers, and builders with beautiful granite and quartz countertops in Edmonton for over 30 years. Our selection of countertops and stone products will help you complete your dream kitchen or bathroom. For any questions about our products, just contact Bossio Stone Imports today.


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